The current work from home environment is creating unique challenges for many companies around the world. Out of necessity many teams are rethinking the way they work. Seamlessly transitioning to a work from home environment can be difficult. Surefyre is here to help. Many of our customers are operating successfully remotely, as is our entire company. The platform is built with remote access, ease of use, and automation in mind to enhance your current technology. Below are a few ways MGAs, wholesalers, and insurance companies are transitioning smoothly to a work-from-home model.

Cloud is Key

Long gone are the times for remote desktop and on premise solutions. With the advancements in cloud architecture and cloud security it is a no-brainer to run on the cloud. Underwriters, admin, and agents can access cloud based systems from anywhere in the world. Surefyre is hosted on secure cloud infrastructure that is a breeze to use and navigate. No remote desktop needed, no in-house servers, no hassle.

Use announcements to keep agents informed during periods of frequent change.

Increase Communication

Use comments to easily communicate directly with Surefyre

Remote teams need to communicate much more often to prevent bottle necks from creeping into your operation. Now more than ever, quick communication between you, your team, and your customers is essential. Things are changing fast. Relying on everyone to read emails in a timely manner is unrealistic. With Surefyre you can post announcements front and center to help inform customers of restricted limits or moratoriums. You can use chat features and @mentions to quickly and easily go back and forth with your team and producers. All communications are tracked and auditable in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Automate as Much as Possible

There are many steps to turn an application into an issued policy – most of them time consuming and mundane. Digitizing PDF applications, validating data, generating quotes, setting reminders and followups, are just a few pieces to the puzzle. Automating these types of manual tasks is a great way to keep business moving while your team is dealing with new, potentially distracting work-from-home situations and getting settled into a new normal. Surefyre’s flexible workflow engine, for example, is tailor made for this type of automation. Each line of business has unique needs, we know that. That’s why our configurable workflows let you define the business process. Whether it’s trucking, cannabis, workers comp, general liability, E&O, special events, homeowners, catastrophe, inland marine, excess, or any other line, Surefyre workflows can deliver incredible automation that will free up your team to do more with less.

Understand your Business

Understanding how to help your remote team succeed can be difficult. You’re not across the hall to review a policy or answer questions. It can also be difficult to understand how new circumstances are affecting the business as a whole. Leveraging easy to use tools to track key business and performance metrics is particularly important for distributed teams. Surefyre reports, for example, can put your mind at ease and direct you where you need to focus your attention. Employees can call for help directly within the system – or you can more passively review how your book of business is performing. This helps our customers understand how many applications go unsubmitted or quotes unbound.

Virtual Partnerships, Real Value

Working with technology partners who are built to operate virtually is a great way to control cost and get access to the best tech regardless of your location. We believe this here at Surefyre and have structured our modern product and services accordingly. We can deliver full implementations and great support 100% virtually.

Right now MGAs, wholesalers, and insurance companies across the country are being forced to evaluate their ability to work remotely. This has many re-evaluating the way their business operates. These can be great times to consider augmenting your current processes and technology with modern automation tools like Surefyre. If you’re interested, let’s talk. You can join the demo in your pajamas – we won’t judge! In the meantime, we hope you, your friends, and your families are safe and wish you the very best.

– Surefyre team