Win Business with Easy Submissions

It’s no secret that no one likes doing extra work. So it shouldn’t be surprising that insureds and agents want a painless process when buying insurance. When trying to make it easy for agents to submit business it may be tempting to accept information over any channel in an attempt to provide a quote. But soon you’ll find yourself accepting competitor supplemental applications or emails with partial information asking for a rate.

This can help bring in business but can also lead to stressed out underwriter assistants, time wasted on ineligible applications, never ending email chains, and poor data management. The alternative is a stricter submission system such as online portals requiring all information upfront. But forcing agents to change their habits might drive them away to find an easier option.

Here at Surefyre we don’t think you need to choose between upsetting agents and overworking staff. We believe the correct solution is to leverage modern technology to make it easy for both agents to complete applications and underwriters to process high quality submissions fast.  We are excited to introduce some new and innovative ways to improve the customer journey and make life easier for the entire team!

PDF Mapping
Submitted PDF
Application Form OCR
Application Web Form

Easy OCR Mapping

Our OCR technology can be used to extract data from prefilled PDFs and eliminate duplicate data entry. We also recently launched groundbreaking technology to read and pull data from handwritten PDF forms allowing for unprecedented efficiency gains. All captured data can be validated against custom eligibility rules to ensure high quality applications that will be a breeze to quote and bind.

In addition to the upgrades to our PDF OCR technology, we recently released the ability to extract data from Excel documents and workbook cells as part of the submission process. Whether this is a custom submission app, statement of vehicles, schedule of properties, or a list of tools and equipment, it doesn’t matter. Surefyre can read the data and pass it into our rating engine to provide instant rates and bindable quotes.

Easy Mapping Tool
Easy PDF Mapping Tool

While we have always offered the ability to upload documents via a web portal, we’ve taken it another step further. You can now send emails directly to a submission inbox and Surefyre will handle the rest! Each line of business will have a unique email address where you can forward submissions and let the Surefyre automation magic happen.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.

– Surefyre Team